Procurement Experts

We seek excellence in Integral Procurement Management

We promote and stimulate the training, professionalization, research, updating and dissemination of best professional practices of the Purchasing and Strategic Procurement function with international standards, as nuclear function as well as profit and efficiency generating center in all businesses and companies, while positioning, professionalizing and tending for the welfare of the Association's Members.

Why be a member of the Association?

How can I join?


To be a Number Member of the Association, you simply need a complete and updated profile on the LinkedIn® platform where it is evident that you work in Procurement or related areas, and request to be an Association contact in this link.

For these reasons:

  • To belong to the first official organization that collects and represents the professionals that work in the Supply / Procurement activities Latin America.
  • To have a space where we can interact with fellow buyers in the exchange of experiences, references and best practices of the integral Supply management.
  • To have a unique and official scenario that allows us to present a standard of our work, and allow us to properly certify ourselves.
  • To have access to seminars, symposiums, refresher courses, newsletters, communications and many other training and updating mechanisms in the latest trends and best practices of Integral Supply / Procurement Management


Active Members have access to:

  • Membership and use of the ACOPC logo: Active Members of the Association will receive an electronic certificate that allows them to use the ACOPC logo to indicate that they are Active Members of ACOPC, and that they may use in their business cards, e-mail electronic signatures or any other forms of manifestation of the associated company.
  • Right to submit the exam to achieve Professional Certification in Purchasing and Supply CPCA
  • Elect and be elected to form the thematic committees of the Association

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