About the Asociation

Allow us to introduce ourselves

ACOPC - Who are we?

The Colombian Association of Procurement Professionals (ACOPC) is a private, non-profit Civil Entity, duly registered with the respective Colombian authorities, and is subject to surveillance, inspection and control by the corresponding control entities.

Founded in 2017, the Association's main objective is to achieve the professionalization of the Supply / Procurement discipline and all the practitioners, professionals or technicians, who exercise this task.

We have a physical presence of Representatives (Certified Executives) in the Bogotá and Medellín branches, but interested members of all cities and regions of the country are welcome to join.

We have two (2) different types of memberships:

  • Number Members (Linkedin Contact) Contact us for free on LinkedIn® www.linkedin.com/in/acopc
  • Active Members To aspire to the Professional Certification in Procurement and Supply

What we want to become


The Association aspires to become the Entity of reference in Colombia and abroad, regarding all activities related to Procurement / Purchasing, proposing the best and highest standards of these disciplines, certifying its Members so they can transmit the highest quality and transparency levels to the industry and market, as well as the benefits of a world class overall Supply Management.


To achieve this, we rely on our Members' experience, who provide the best practices of the profession.

Ethics and Transparency Code

Every Purchasing or Procurement Professional/Practitioner must commit to himself, his company and this Association, to know, understand, live and apply this code of ethics..

What we want to offer


  1. Gather all those practitioners who's professional, work, technical and educational activities are related to the Supply / Purchasing scope, for small, medium and large companies or entities, both from the private and public sector or mixed companies.
  2. Promote and stimulate research, training, learning and professionalization in our particular field, and the updating and dissemination of the Supply/Procurement best professional practices, under our own standard that matches or exceeds international standards.
  3. Promote within the industry, the hiring of certified and / or qualified personnel to perform the function of Supply / Procurement.
  4. Accredit / certify Procurement / Purchasing Professionals, after verifying their knowledge in this regard, in accordance with the Association's standards models, at the appropriate levels.
  5. Promote the growth of the Supply / Procurement profession in Colombia, at the same or higher level than other Associations or similar organizations in North America and Europe.
  6. Promote the inclusion of the Purchasing Management and Strategic Supply topics in the relevant academic pensums.
  7. Represent the interests of the Procurement / Purchasing profession in the required instances, seeking a fair remuneration aligned with the levels of professionalism and responsibility of the carried-out tasks.
  8. Disseminate in the community the Code of Ethics of the Association, to ensure that the exercise of the Supply / Purchasing profession is done in an ethical and transparent manner.

Terms and conditions                           Ethics Code                            Find us in:  www.linkedin.com/in/acopc