Certification as a Procurement and Supply Professional - CPCA

You are a Pro! Let the market know!

We present our Professional Certification Program in Procurement and Supply - CPCA. The Professional Certification is the best entry key to better professional development conditions, career development and better remuneration for those working in Purchasing and Procurement Management.

The Certification is a document where the Association validates before the business community and the labor market the knowledge and competence level achieved by the bearer of the certification, regarding the Association's standards:

  • ACOPC Standard for Procurement Operational and Transactional Management.
  • Standard of the MEGA Strategic Supply Model.


The Association will issue an exam presentation program that will be published and announced among the Active Members of the Association. According to the score obtained in the mentioned exam, the respective Certification will be issued in the corresponding level of competence achieved.

Professionals can present their exam periodically, in order to improve their Certification level, if needed.

Professional Certification in Procurement and Supply

The ACOPC Certification program is available to Active Members of the Association. It can also be accessed when attending some of the programs offered in Open Seminars.

Five (5) Certification levels.

The program offers five (5) different levels of Certification, depending on the percentage achieved in the evaluation test performed. The validity of the certification is four (4) years.

Certification Exam Programming

The Association has two annual programming days to present the Certification exams:

  • Second Day 2024: December 12th 2024 - OPEN REGISTRATION NOW.
  • First Day 2025: July 10th, 2025 - OPEN REGISTRATION NOW.
  • Second Day 2025:  December 11th, 2025.

Training with Certification 

Attendees to the Association's Open Training programs acquire, at no extra cost and for the sole purpose of acquiring and attending these programs, the following benefits:

  • Copies of the Association's standards (MIDAS), essential to study and prepare for your certification exam.
  • The right to submit your Certification exam within the program offered by the Association.

See our current Open Seminars program here: Training