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Medellín - Calle 20A Sur 22-264 Of 205 (mail address)

Corporative: +57 316 5178089   +57 310 2180966

Training: +57 317 5405687

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We want to represent all the best interests of Procurement Professionals in Colombia. Do you want to know more about us?

Who can be part of the Association?

Any person exercising functions of Purchasing / Supply Management in Colombia, in the public or private sector. Headhunters, or specialized human resources recruiters are also welcome.

What types of membership does the Association have?

We have 2 main types of Memberships: a) Number Members, b) Active Members. They all enjoy different features and benefits

How can I certify my membership?

Active and Honorary Members receive an electronic credential that identifies them as such and allows them to identify themselves as such in the market. This electronically delivered certificate can be validated on our website, by scanning the QR code available by the Affiliate.

What certification programs are offered?

The Association has its own Certification system available to its Active Members, based on the knowledge and evaluation of knowledge carried out regarding the two Association's standards: 

  1. Professional Certification Program in Procurement and Supply - CPCA, based on MIDAS Standard ® of Strategic Supply.
  2. Professional Program Certification in the International Technical Standard for Comprehensive Procurement & Supply Management  


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