Professional International Quality Standards

What does the Association offer the Society?

Professional Standards regarding Integral Procurement Management

One of the main objectives of the Association is the professionalization of the people who exercise the different functions in Purchasing Management. That is why we offer 3 specific standards for the Industry in Colombia:

  1. The Operational and Transactional Standard of Procurement Management (which ensures a transparent and effective management function)
  2. The MEGA® Standard for Strategic Procurement Management (which ensures profitability and competitiveness of the Organization)
  3. Standardization of professional profiles and remuneration of Procurement practitioners, according to their levels of responsibility, level of certification and type of position.

QP GROUP Alliance Partners

Our international quality standards have been recognized and endorsed by important entities such as QP Group, a globally recognized strategic sourcing consulting firm.

MEGA® Standard in Strategic Supply

We propose the MEGA® Standard for Strategic Purchasing Management, in our "Strategic Model for Supply Management - MEGA®", based on the methodologies with the highest international standards such as MOST® (Management Model for Strategic Procurement), Sourcing Group Management, Supply Management, Strategic Supply and the basic standards of ISM - Institute for Supply Management.

We have special training and Procurement and Supply Professional certification programs.

ACOPC Standard for Procurement Operational Management

We propose the Operational Standard for Purchasing Management, in a document that we call the "Guide to Fundamentals of Procurement Management (GF-GGC®)" which is renewed annually with the contributions of Members, regarding profession's best practices.

We have special training and Procurement and Supply Professional certification programs.

ACOPC Standard of the Procurement Professional Profile (Profiles, job description, usual tasks and comments on remuneration)

We propose to the labor market a unique standard in the description of functions and positions of people linked to Purchasing Management, which allows recruitment entities (headhunters, company's recruitment areas, etc.) to perform a much more professional and impartial search and evaluation of its candidates, and a more fair and attractive remuneration allocation for the Professionals of this area.

If you are a HR professional, in charge of selection, recruitment or training processes, you can download the document absolutely FREE in the following link.