Professional Standards, Training, Certificaction and Services

What does the Association offer the Society?

Professional standards, Training, Certification and Services

The main objective of the Association is the professionalization of people who exercise the different functions in Purchasing Management, and improve their personal and professional living standards. We firmly believe that this professional level of the Purchasing activity can be achieved following these 3 steps:

  1. Define and propose high-level and international quality professional standards
  2. Offer professional training programs and permanent updating in the best practices and trends of the profession.
  3. Certify people who meet the requirements of the different levels of knowledge and experience.

Professional standards with international quality

We propose and adopted two professional standards for Integral Purchasing Management, which ensure an excellent supply operation in the Organizations, both within the operational and strategic scope:

  1. The "Norma Técnica Internacional de la Gestión Integral de Abastecimiento" / International Technical Standard for Comprehensive Procurement & Supply Management
  2. The MIDAS® Standard for Strategic Procurement Management (which ensures profitability and competitiveness of the Organization)


We offer training programs designed upon the standards of the Association, in different formats:

  • Open-to-the-public courses, which are periodically announced to the Association's Members and general public.
  • Closed (in-Company) seminars, carried out in company's facilities.

We have pre-designed programs or we can create training programs tailored according to the Company's needs and requirements.



The Association offers the Professional Certification program in Procurement and Supply, for all Active Members of the Association.  More information:


As a Professionals Association, we owe ourselves to our Associate Members, and their needs. That is why we also offer a set of services for:

  1. Our Number and Active Members
  2. HeadHunters and Companies recruiting areas
  3. Services for third parties

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